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Is New Frontier Data pro-Cannabis?

We take no stance on the legalization of cannabis across the nation. Our goal is to provide unbiased, authoritative, and actionable data that will allow our users: investors, policy makers, researchers and academics to make informed decisions in this growing industry.

Why are New Frontier Data's Services needed?

Until recently, the multibillion dollar cannabis industry has been guided by little to no business intelligence, rooted in a lack of vetted and comprehensive data. New Frontier Data’s proprietary approach to data, meta-tagging, and analysis make it possible for investors, policy makers, researchers and operators to make informed decisions in the cannabis industry, while minimizing risk  – all based on authoritative and trusted intelligence.

How do you compare to other firms claiming to have Cannabis Market Research?

We do not compare ourselves to anyone else in the industry today. New Frontier Data is looking to service those who want to better understand the industry by providing them with vetted, comprehensive, and ultimately more reliable data to improve their research and analysis. While our own reports focus on proprietary analytical methodology, we welcome others to use our data and run their own analysis, thus supporting the industry’s continued growth in a transparent and sustainable manner.

What is the difference between Data and Big Data?

Data is defined as statistics and facts that are collected together to reference or analyze.

Big Data is a complex collection of data from multiple sources, rapidly accumulated for ongoing discovery and analysis. In depth analyses of big data is instrumental in risk reduction, cost reduction and greater operational efficiency for any industry.

Big Data and its proper analysis is crucial for operators, investors, legislators, and researchers alike to make educated decision based on true statistically meaningful facts.

The difference between Data and Big Data can be summarized by noting the 3 key areas of differentiation: Velocity, Volume, and Variety, whereby Big Data must cover millions of data points, across many data sets, as close to real time as possible

How often do you publish reports?

On average we publish one to two reports per month.

How can I be informed of upcoming features and report releases?

To find out about new or upcoming features and report releases, sign up for our newsletter,The CannaBit.

What free resources does New Frontier Data provide?

In addition to hosting several free webinars each month, New Frontier Data provides several free newsletters and a weekly podcast.


To sign up for the Cannabit or any of our other our newsletters, click HERE

To listen to our CannaWeek™ podcast, click HERE

Do you provide custom research?

Yes! If you would like more information on our custom research engagements, our most tailored offering, please email 

What subscriptions products do you offer?

New Frontier Data currently offers 4 different subscription products.

  1. Cannabyte™
  2. Equio® Basic
  3. Equio® Pro
  4. Equio® Group

To compare pricing and features for each subscription level, visit:

How do I access New Frontier Data's services, including your Analyst Reports?

New Frontier Data offers a wide range of products and services to fit the unique needs of every cannabis industry stakeholder. Each of our products and services can be accessed in the following ways:

What information can be found in New Frontier Data's reports and how can it be utilized?

New Frontier Data’s reports cover a wide range of subjects, including national overviews, state-focused reports, and subject matter reports such as Energy Use and Incarceration. Readers will be able to understand, assess, and size market opportunity, potential return on investments and capital requirements. They will also be able to craft sound strategic, operational and investment plans. Our customers will stay informed of global issues and events affecting US cannabis business interests, as well as monitor federal, state, and international tax developments that could influence their short and long-term plans.

  • Operators: Can customize value propositions and product offering based on specific and timely consumer needs. Are able to assess industry, competitive and legislative risks and are able to measure and track business profitability and performance against the industry as well as make informed business decision based on industry trends, market dynamics and legislative action.
  • Policy Makers & Community Leaders: Can assess impact of legalization/decriminalization in their states and cities, educate their constituents, and make better taxation decision benefiting both profitability and socio-economic impact of regulator changes.
  • Investors: Can identify best suited investment opportunities to their specific interests and relevant to projected returns and growth. As well as, craft value-add business propositions in tune with market demand, industry trends, and emerging opportunity areas.

Who do I contact for a media interview or for more information about New Frontier Data?

All media inquiries should go through our PR team:

Please leave a message with your inquiry, your name, phone number to contact you and your deadline. All inquiries will be answered in a timely manner as possible.

Why is there a horse in the logo?

Horses exemplify strength, resilience and loyalty – a list that falls right in line with our mission and core values at New Frontier Data. Our company aims to be the vehicle that provides vetted, comprehensive and actionable intelligence to every corner of the Cannabis industry, including operators, investors, legislators and researchers.

What are New Frontier Data's values?

Honesty, Understanding, and Respect

What are your Terms of Use?

Do you have a Privacy Policy?


What is Equio®?

Equio® is a proprietary data and analytics online platform created by New Frontier Data, the premier data-analytics and industry-reporting firm in the cannabis industry.

Equio® is designed to resolve three key challenges faced by legal cannabis stakeholders worldwide:

  • What data is required and available to substantiate business, legislative and research questions?
  • Where can the data be found to avoid having to piecemeal data sets after hours, days and often weeks of research?
  • Which data is vetted and thus reliable to ensure equally viable and trusted analysis?

Equio® provides centralized online acess to the vetted data required to answer and resolve critical questions and challenges faced by cannabis stakeholders worldwide.

Fun Fact: The word “equio” comes from the Latin word “equorum” for horse’s and “ore” for mouth, loosely translating to “horse’s mouth.” We at New Frontier Data endeavor to provide cannabis industry stakeholders vetted and reliable data straight from its source, in this case our horse’s mouth!

Why do I need Equio®?

To save time, have access to vetted and reliable industry data and insight, and to stay ahead of risks and opportunities within the legal cannabis industry globally. Until recently, the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry has been guided by little to no business intelligence, rooted in the lack of access to vetted or sufficiently comprehensive industry data. Data required for research and decision-making, whether legislative, operational, or for investment purposes, data remains fragmented and scattered across borders and industry segments. New Frontier Data has built the technological infrastructure, and has adopted the necessary data ingestion, aggregation, and reporting protocols, to enable stakeholders to ensure data integrity, user privacy, and ultimately real-time access to cannabis industry references, analysis, and insights centralized within one trusted online platform, Equio®.

I am a new subscriber. How do I log in?

Upon completion of checkout, you should have received an email with the subject of Welcome to Equio® (.

  • Check your spam or junk folder in your email program as the Welcome email may have gotten marked as spam.
  • If you do not see our email in your spam or junk folder, you can reset your password here.

Once you have retrieved your login credentials, visit the login page.

How do you compile the data offered on the platform?

New Frontier Data has provided data aggregation capabilities for years now. We leverage our big data engine to ingest, normalize (scrub), and process publicly available data, our proprietary data (whether collected via our own surveys or purchased) and licensed third-party data, which we have rights to via dozens of partnerships across the industry. All the data on our Equio platform is further processed and analyzed to ultimately deliver fact-based actionable cannabis business intelligence.

Is data offered in real-time, or is it more evergreen reporting?

Due to the still fragmented and maturing nature of the cannabis industry data infrastructure, not to mention the lack of standards across data collection and reporting, we mostly provide evergreen reporting, except for public market indices, news curation, and some additional market benchmarks.

How often do you update your data?

Most of our data sets are updated daily or as regulations change – weekly, quarterly, or twice yearly depending on the data set.

TIP: Click the (i) icon in any Interactive Data Widget to open the Tool Tip for more insights into the data source and frequency of updates.

What kind of data is offered in Equio®? Is there any area of cannabis specifically not covered?

Our Equio® online platform provides digital, visualized and interactive access to a combination of quantitative and qualitative data in the form of raw streams, indices, market benchmarks, curated news and analytical content across both vertical and geographic segments. Equio® is primarily targeted at market or financial researchers and analysts, whether within the cannabis industry or outside looking in, so most data and business intelligence delivered addresses some financially material aspect of the cannabis space.

Can you provide some specific examples of what data sets somebody might find in the Data Marketplace?

Within the Equio® Data Marketplace, users downloading, for example a Data Bundle on our Global Cannabis Report: 2019 Industry Outlook will have access to total cannabis consumer data sets by region, consumption figures by region, as well as the various underlying data points supporting global market sizing to include both legal and illegal sales. Data sets in our Cannabis Consumer, Archetypes and Trends Data Bundle include insights from our survey of over 3000 cannabis consumers on things like frequency of use and average cannabis spending, as well as consumer behavior profiling data.

What are the Investing, Operating, and Researching pages for?

The great majority of cannabis industry stakeholders today are looking for data and insight to help them invest, research, and/or operate. As one of Equio®’s benefits is saving subscribers valuable time in this fast paced industry, we have created custom dashboards for each area of interest, providing easy and quick access to the most relevant and actionable data and insights pertinent to that particular areas of interest.

Can data from Equio® be piped into other platforms, or is it only viewable on the Equio® platform?

 Both. We can set up APIs for electronic data communication with our partners, and also provide Equio® subscribers the ability to download reports, graphs, and data sets from Equio®’s Data Marketplace in a variety of formats.

Where can I learn how to use all the features in Equio®?

We are here to assist you! We offer multiple ways to learn how to use Equio®, including:

Sign up for one of our monthly group demos.

-Click on the Tool Tip icon in the top right corner of each widget to learn more about that feature.

-Send an email to our Customer Support Team (available M-F from 10a-6pm ET)

Where can I find the Analyst Reports in Equio?

Analyst Reports are distributed through Equio®. Therefore, an Equio® subscription is required to access reports.

To access reports in Equio®, please follow these steps:

  1. Enter login credentials on Equio® login page:
  2. Upon login, click “Reports & Charts” in left-hand navigation menu
  3. Navigate to My Reports > Included Reports to view all reports included with your Equio® subscription

Who can download reports?

Downloading reports is available to Equio® Pro and Equio® Group subscription levels. Equio® Basic users may view reports but not download them. See our different subscription levels

Can I use screenshots to share Equio® contents?

No. It is a violation of New Frontier Data’s Terms of Use to screenshot the contents of Equio®.  All charts and graphs are available for download to Equio Pro subscribers. Please utilize these and do not modify or screenshot their contents.

The downloadable interactive charts, graphs and data widgets within Equio® are updated regularly. Data from screenshots of reports, PowerPoints or other sources may be outdated.

Can I export your graphs and charts?

Equio® Pro and Equio® Group subscribers are able to download, and re-purpose all our charts and graphs. This feature is not included at the Equio® Basic level.

Can I share or use the charts and graphs included within Equio®?

Equio® Basic subscriptions do not include licensing rights. Therefore, Equio® Basic subscribers are neither permitted to download charts and graphs nor to share any aspects of the data visualizations included within the Equio® platform outside of their own personal use.

Equio® Pro subscriptions include licensing rights, during the active subscription period, permitting subscribers to use the downloadable charts and graphs in their original form, including the crediting source as shown.

What am I permitted to do with a data product from the Data Marketplace?

If you purchase or download a data product from the Equio® Data Marketplace, you may create and distribute charts or graphs created using the data products as well as include findings from your own analysis of the data product to create “Resultant Data”, so long so long as you visibly and properly attribute New Frontier Data as the source within any resultant data.

For resultant data produced using any New Frontier Data product, proper attribution requires the following text to be included, alongside any additional data sources utilized in the Resultant Data:

Source(s): New Frontier Data [Insert Report or Data Set Name(s)]

You may not, under any circumstances, resell or share data sets in the Data Marketplace in their raw or current form.

What licensing rights are included with an Equio® Pro subscription?

An Equio® Pro subscription permits subscribers to monetize the information available within Equio® by engaging in the following activities during their paid subscription period, so long as New Frontier Data is clearly and properly cited as the source*:

  • Create and distribute the charts or graphs provided by New Frontier Data in Equio®. However, you may not resell or share data sets in the Data Marketplace in their raw or current form.
  • Use the content within Equio® to create your own “resultant data”, so long as that content is not an exact recreation or reasonable facsimile for the data or contents of Equio®.
  • Include the downloadable charts and graphs in Equio® in business materials so long as they remain unmodified and contain the appropriate crediting source as included on the image.

*Proper attribution requires the following text to be included within any resultant data or other materials produced from Equio®:

Source(s): New Frontier Data [Insert Report or Data Set Name(s)]

Am I able to use the data within Equio® to create my own content? Am I able to share what I create?

The full answer varies depending on your subscription level. All Equio® subscribers can use the contents of Equio® to create “Resultant Data” for their own internal business use and analysis during their active subscription period.

However, licensing rights to share, publish and/or distribute Resultant Data for commercial purposes are only granted at the Equio® Pro subscription level and above.

At the Equio® Basic level, you are able to share Resultant Data so long as (1) New Frontier Data is properly cited as the source* and (2) the Resultant Data produced is not being monetized.

Resultant data produced using any New Frontier Data product must include the following text: Source(s): New Frontier Data [Insert Report or Data Set Name(s)]

“Resultant Data” means data created by users, using the New Frontier Data’s licensed products or services, which cannot be: (i) reverse-engineered to recreate the original Products and/or Services or any content, and (ii) used to create other data that is a reasonable facsimile for the Products and/or Services or any Content.

What is "resultant data"?

Resultant data consists of any materials based on the data and contents of Equio® combined with the subscriber’s own data or analysis. To comply with Permitted Use of Data terms, Resultant Data…

  • Must not be a reverse-engineered or recreated version of the contents of Equio®.
  • Must not be a reasonable facsimile for Equio®
  • Must not be used in any manner that could compete with or harm Frontier Financials Group.
  • Must include proper attribution, clearly citing New Frontier Data AND the name of the report or data set as the source.

The licensing rights to share, publish and/or externally distribute Resultant Data for commercial purposes, are granted at the Equio® Pro subscription level and above.


What is included with a Cannabyte™ subscription?

Cannabyte™ features highly informative, data-driven visuals and insight from our industry experts on the most critical topics driving the cannabis industry today:

  • Analysis of  global cannabis markets including the US, Canada, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe
  • Hemp charts & analysis on this fast-growing market
  • Critical insights on finance, tax, and data security issues in cannabis
  • Medicine, technology, & innovation in the cannabis industry
  • Videos on trending topics
  • Q&A with our industry experts – you ask, we answer!

How does Cannabyte™ work?

The first three content articles on our website are free-of-charge. 

After the third article, if you are not logged in, you will be prompted to either Subscribe OR Log in to Cannabyte™.

As a Cannabyte™ subscriber, once you are logged in, you can enjoy unlimited access to our entire library of content.

I am a new subscriber. How do I log in?

Upon completion of checkout, you should have received an email with the subject of Welcome to Cannabyte™).

  • Check your spam or junk folder in your email program as the Welcome email may have gotten marked as spam.
  • If you do not see our email in your spam or junk folder, you can reset your password here.

Once you have retrieved your login credentials, visit the login page.

NOTE: If you are an Equio® subscriber, you will use the same login credentials that you use to login to Equio®.

What is the difference between Cannabyte™ and Cannabit®?

Cannabyte™ Subscription

Cannabyte™ is a low-cost subscription-based service which provides unlimited access to our cannabis content library.

Featuring highly informative, data-driven visuals and insight from our industry experts on the most critical topics driving the cannabis industry today, Cannabyte™ subscriptions provide access to…

-Every CannaBit Chart New Frontier Data has ever produced
-CannaClip archives, providing a video synopsis of each of our industry-leading reports
-Analysis of  global cannabis markets including the US, Canada, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe
-Hemp charts & analysis on this fast-growing market
-Critical insights on finance, tax, and data security issues in cannabis
-Medicine, technology, & innovation in the cannabis industry
Q&A with our industry experts – you ask, we answer! 

Cannabit® Newsletter

The leading cannabis industry newsletter, delivering free weekly cannabis intelligence right to your inbox.

CannaBits from this newsletter have been featured across major news publications and help you stay ahead of the curve in this ever-changing industry. 


What is CannaConnect?

CannaConnect is New Frontier Data’s Cannabis Business Contacts List providing customers with direct access to more than 53,300 cannabis licensees and applicants in a downloadable Excel format.

Buy CannaConnect

Learn more about CannaConnect


How can I learn more about NXTeck?

NXTeck is the AdTech sister arm of Cannabis FinTech data and analytics leader, New Frontier Data. NXTeck focuses on the legal cannabis consumer audience’s discovery, definition, and engagement, to serve digital and programmatic advertisers and leading AdTech companies looking to market to the cannabis consumer globally.

Click here to download our NXTeck Presentation Deck

To learn more about NXTeck, email


What sponsorship opportunities do you offer?

Yes! Our exclusive sponsorship opportunities allow our partners to leverage New Frontier Data’s reach and expertise across the global cannabis market.

Click here to download our Sponsorship Kit

We offer a variety of different engagement options- from Analyst Reports and webinars to newsletters and podcasts- that can be tailored by geography, vertical, channel and frequency to align with your objectives and priorities.

To learn more and contact our sales team, visit:


How does the free trial work?

A free trial is included with an Equio® Basic subscription sign-up for new subscribers only.

Your card is not charged until the end of the trial period, then the first and subsequent renewal payments occur automatically based on the billing frequency selected at check-out.

After initial sign-up, you will receive a Welcome to Equio®! email containing your username and a link to set your password. Create your password with the link provided to get instant access to the Equio® dashboard. Our entire collection of reports is included in the trial period.

Please be sure to add our domain to your Allowed Senders list in your email program to ensure you receive transactional emails from us.

What happens if I cancel before the end of the trial period?

If you cancel before the end of your trial period, you will lose access to the Equio® dashboard. If you change your mind, you can resubscribe here.

How do I retrieve or reset my password?

What billing options are available?

We offer monthly or yearly billing for Cannabyte™ and Equio® Basic subscriptions, quarterly and yearly billing for Equio® Pro subscriptions, and monthly only for Equio® Group subscriptions.

We accept payment by credit card.

For an Equio® Group subscription, contact us for assistance.

Which subscription levels require a contract?

All customers are required to accept our Terms of Use in order to complete checkout. Equio® subscribers must also accept our Terms of Use upon accessing the Equio® dashboard.

I cancelled my previous subscription and regret my decision. How can I get access to the dashboard again?

Easy! Simply login to your My Account page and click on the Subscription tab to resubscribe to Equio®

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you may cancel at any time and will continue to have access to the dashboard through the end of the current billing period.

How do I make changes to my subscription?

Simply log in to the My Account dashboard.

The navigation links within the My Account dashboard allow you to…

  • Orders- view all orders associated with your account (subscription parent orders, subscription renewal orders, report and download purchases)
  • My Subscription – view and edit your subscription details, including next payment date and recurring totals. This is also where you can renew a cancelled subscription and cancel or suspend an existing subscription.
  • Downloads – access any downloadable video product purchases
  • Addresses – update your billing address
  • Payment methods – adjust, remove or add payment methods
  • Account details – edit the name associated with your account. Email addresses are unable to be changed.