Introducing The 1st Complete Package for License Applicants
New Market Accelerator


The Due Diligence and Insights You Need to:


Determine Your Ideal Locations

  • Prioritize geographical locations according to critical socio-economic, demographic, and cannabis consumer data.
  • Drill down even deeper with county-specific insights:
    • Area cannabis consumer density
    • Tourism activity
    • Illicit market activity
    • Municipality restrictions / Regulatory zoning exclusions
    • Distance to public transportation hubs
  • Understand size, growth, and risk factors for each location.

Get to Know Your Customers

  • Access location-specific customer data:
    • Estimated consumer counts
    • Customer purchase frequency
    • Average cannabis spending
    • Product preferences
  • Understand consumer archetypes for both legal and illicit markets to gain and retain customers.

Market Projections & Regulatory Dynamics

  • Detailed cannabis industry sales forecasts to support financial projections and market share growth forecasts.
  • Up-to-date analysis of changing industry regulations and resulting implications, keeping your business ahead of the curve.

Recognize Your Competition

  • Stay ahead of the competition with hyper-local insights into current market dynamics.
  • Check for location saturation in your state using detailed lists of existing legal market operators and their associated market shares.

Included in your market accelerator:


  • PDF Summary of the four-part market analysis report
  • Data file CSV of the data used to compile these reports
  • Chart files image files of the charts included in your accelerator report
  • County-Specific Insights by request using the link in the report
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