Larry Schnurmacher

Manager Partner of Phyto Partners

Larry Schnurmacher has been involved in the financial services & investment business for over 23 years.  After graduating George Washington University, he worked for a coop/condo converter in NYC representing the owners/sponsors of the properties & handling all aspects of the conversion process from complete building system renovations to unit sales. Mr. Schnurmacher began his financial services career with Shearson Lehman Bros in 1992.  As a Financial Advisor, Mr. Schnurmacher had over $100 AUM.  Mr. Schnurmacher continued his career in wealth management and institutional sales at Oppenheimer & Co and then Morgan Stanley where he successfully managed client assets by crafting investment strategies & managing risk. Over the past two years, Mr. Schnurmacher has become passionate about the Cannabis Industry and has developed important relationships with many key players & operators in the marijuana industry. He has quickly become an industry advocate, insider & expert. Mr. Schnurmacher has received his ASA-CTI Core Cannabis Training Certification, CCI Certification, & Florida MMTC Institute Certification.

Sood graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. He is an active advisor to the Keller Center for Entrepreneurship at Princeton University and Tigerlabs.