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Join the hundreds of users around the globe who trust our data, reporting & analysis to make informed business decisions daily.


Perfect for cannabis industry observers seeking information on trending topics in a blog-like format


$108/year with annual billing

Unlimited access to highly informative, data-driven visuals covering the most critical topics driving the cannabis industry:

CannaBit Newsletter Digest
Charts and analysis on trending cannabis topics for the US, Europe and Latin America

Hemp Business Journal
Global hemp charts and analysis

Critical insights on finance, tax, and data security issues in cannabis

All things medical and science in the cannabis industry

Short videos on trending cannabis topics

Ask Our Experts
You asked, we answered!

Global Presentations
Our industry experts shed light on where the industry is headed



An entry tool for small operators or new entrants in the cannabis industry


$499/year with annual billing      (save 15%!)

Everything included in Cannabyte, plus:

70+ Industry-leading Reports
Global and national reports covering various topics on cannabis and hemp

1000+ Charts & Graphs
Our entire collection of charts extracted from our reports

Real-time Stock Ticker
Intraday stock data covering US publicly traded companies in the cannabis industry

US Interactive Data Map
Legalized states, qualifying conditions, job opportunities, tax rates, and more by state

Hemp Highlights
Critical data and insights for all the major hemp sectors

And much more…
US Product Sales Index, Market Projections, Regional Profiles, Webinars, and more



For established pros in the industry making critical investing, researching, & policy-making decisions


$2999/year with annual billing         (save 16%!)

Everything included in Equio Basic, plus:

Downloading Capability
Ability to download any report for offline viewing/printing

Licensing Rights
Re-purpose downloaded charts & data for your own use during an active subscription period



Ideal for large organizations needing a tiered pricing solution for large groups such as employees or students


As low as $19 per user per month depending on group size

Everything included in Equio Pro, plus:

Flexible Tiered Pricing
The more members you have, the lower the cost per user

Shared Data Among Members
Data purchases made from one member will display in the interface for all other group members

Member Management Interface
Designate an Account Owner to manage the members in your group

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Choose Monthly or Annual
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