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The sales price of cannabis to maximize both sales volume and profitability is one of the most significant challenges facing cultivators in the marijuana industry. Not only is there significant competition to contend within the legal market, but there is also a robust black market competing for the same business. Understanding the nuances of wholesale marijuana demand is therefore critical for operators to optimize their pricing strategy and maximize revenues.

    • Find out the highest volume of product you can expect to sell at a given price point.
    • Understand the significant difference in revenue generated between the top end and bottom end of the adult-use and medicinal markets.
    • Learn how much revenue is impacted in the adult-use market by varying price points. In the medicinal market, revenue at the lowest price point was five times higher than at the top of the market.
    • Gain tips tricks on how to expand your presence in the infused products segment.

* Published August 2015