How often do you update your data?

The frequency of data updates varies across each Equio® dashboard and is largely based upon the data source. In general:

  • U.S. Retail Dashboard –  widgets derived from point-of-sale and shopping cart data within this dashboard are updated monthly. Retail widgets pertaining to dispensary visit data are updated weekly.
  • U.S. Consumer Dashboard – the widgets within this dashboard visualize insights from our annual cannabis consumer surveys and, therefore, are updated yearly.
  • U.S. Market Dashboard– our U.S. market figures and projections are updated quarterly and as new legislation is passed.
  • U.S. Hemp Dashboard – hemp market insights within this dashboard are updated annually and reflect data from the previous calendar year.
  • Global Market Dashboard – our Global market figures are updated yearly and as new legislation is passed.
  • WeedEx™ Stock Ticker – real-time stock intraday stock data
  • Cannabyte™ Content Library – weekly and as new content is published

TIP: Click the (i) icon in any Interactive Data Widget to open the Tool Tip for more insights into the data source and frequency of updates.