What is the difference between Cannabyte™ and CannaBit®?

Cannabyte™ Subscription

Cannabyte™ is a low-cost subscription-based service which provides unlimited access to our cannabis content library.

Featuring highly informative, data-driven visuals and insight from our industry experts on the most critical topics driving the cannabis industry today, Cannabyte™ subscriptions provide access to…

-Every CannaBit Chart New Frontier Data has ever produced
-CannaClip archives, providing a video synopsis of each of our industry-leading reports
-Analysis of  global cannabis markets including the US, Canada, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe
-Hemp charts & analysis on this fast-growing market
-Critical insights on finance, tax, and data security issues in cannabis
-Medicine, technology, & innovation in the cannabis industry
Q&A with our industry experts – you ask, we answer! 

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CannaBits from this newsletter have been featured across major news publications and help you stay ahead of the curve in this ever-changing industry.