California’s Large Flower Supply Gives Consumers Wide Price & Quality Options


New Frontier Data‘s latest report, produced in-partnership with greenRush, reveals new insights into the online medical cannabis market in California:

  • Overall, prices across different flower package sizes ranged widely, reflecting the broad variation in product quality, discounts, and other retail incentives.
  • Differences were most pronounced in the sales prices of 1/8 oz. quantities, which varied from a low of $10 to a high of $200, a 20x differentiation.
  • The variance was less extreme for full ounces, which ranged from $40 to $445 – just over an 11x differentiation – with the average pricing being just over $150.
  • Such differences reflect the diversity of products available on the market, which enable consumers to find products best aligned with their budget or quality needs.

For more details on California’s fast growing online cannabis market, get your copy of the Cannabis On Demand report HERE!

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