Canadian Consumer Behavior


  • With Canada’s nationwide adult-use cannabis legalization soon to roll out, Lift & Co., the country’s leading cannabis information platform, commissioned New Frontier Data to conduct comprehensive analysis of the attitudes, behaviors, and preferences of consumers nationwide.
    Using an online survey of more than 1,700 adult medical and adult-use consumers, the study reveals insights about Canada’s current cannabis industry, and of consumers’ expectations as the adult-use market launches.
  • Key findings include:
    • Men are significantly more likely than women to be adult-use consumers (67% vs. 33%, respectively) but the gender gap narrows among medical patients (58% vs. 42%);
    • Most (53%) began consuming before the age of 18, underlining the inherent challenges for reducing access and adoption among minors;
    • The primary reason given for medical patients’ consumption is pain management, while adult-use consumers cited a means for relaxation;
    • A slight majority (51%) reported consuming one type of product, with flower being the most widely consumed option on the market; and
    • The three primary elements for purchasing selections were price (cited by 76% of respondents), product quality (62%), and convenience (54%).
  • Such findings underscore the value for retailers and brands in understanding and identifying their target consumers in order to tailor their products, marketing, and engagement strategies to attract those audiences.

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