Change in Compensation: Working in Cannabis


  • Among the cultivation supplies purchased in Grow Generation’s Colorado stores, cannabis growers collectively spent nearly equal budget outlays for Medium (e.g., potting soils, materials and bags, etc.) as they did for Nutrients (fertilizers, plant food, root/bloom enhancers) – 44.1% of all sales combined.
  • Growers spent as much combined (22.3%) for Grow Lights (lighting fixtures and hardware, though not including lightbulbs themselves), Pest Control (insecticide, repellents, fungicide), and Organics (akin to Nutrients, but strictly organically sourced) as they did for Medium (22.3%), and just slightly more than Nutrients (21.8%).
  • The surging demand for cultivation supplies reflect the significant increase in cannabis cultivation in Colorado. The number of plants cultivated for both the medical and adult use markets increased from 5.3 million plants in 2014 to 9.9 million plants in 2016.

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