Colorado Flower Sales Exceed 1.1 Million Pounds Since Market's Launch


  • Newly released data from the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division marks dramatic growth in the state’s volume of flower sold, from 25.2 thousand pounds in Q1-2014 to 100.4 thousand pounds in Q4-2017.
  • Across the four-year period, the state sold more than 1.1 million pounds of flower, almost equally divided between the medical and adult-use markets.
  • Such continued growth in flower sales belies parallel increase in demand for non-flower products (e.g., concentrates and edibles) now collectively accounting for nearly half of the state’s cannabis sales.
  • Given flower’s proven popularity as a favorite way to ingest cannabis, it will remain the leading product category for the foreseeable future even as consumers increasingly embrace other product forms for their convenience, discretion, or potency.

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