DEA Announcement to Deny Rescheduling of Cannabis Not Surprising

Washington – New Frontier, the leading Big Data and industry provider in cannabis, is not surprised by the DEA’s upcoming announcement to deny petition requests to change the legal classification of marijuana and does not see this development having a significant impact on the growth of the industry. However, the DEA’s position underscores the federal government’s conflicting positions between the DEA and NIH on the medical efficacy of cannabis.


“We do not see this announcement having much effect on the growth of the cannabis industry because the industry has been working under a Schedule 1 classification all along and has continued to grow,” said New Frontier CEO and Founder Giadha Aguirre de Carcer. “However, it could spur advocates to make a more forceful argument through legalization on the state level since they are not seeing a change in attitude on the federal level despite, 89% of Americans being in favor or the legalization of medical marijuana, and 56% in favor of adult use.”


“It is interesting, the striking contrast between the DEA stance that marijuana shows no medicinal value while the NIH website states they believe it is effective in the management of pain relief, epilepsy and certain forms of cancer. The NIH’s position clearly diverges significantly from the DEA that cannabis has no possible therapeutic value.”


“From the cannabis research perspective, the market will benefit from more institutions being allowed to conduct research. A lack of access to various strains has always been an issue and this approach allows the DEA to spur more cannabis research while taking a go-slow approach on rescheduling,” said De Carcer.


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