Female Cannabis Support & Use

Cannabit: Female Cannabis Support & Use / 08122017

As legalization of cannabis expands within the United States, some dramatic changes can be seen in both the American public’s perception about and usage of cannabis, though significant differences can be found across demographic groups. For instance:

  • Support for full legalization now stands nearly 10 percentage points higher among men than women (63% vs. 54%).
  • Additionally, men are more likely than women to have used cannabis in their lifetimes: While 48% of men report never having used cannabis, 56% of women say they have not partaken.
  • Gender differences extend across motivations for using cannabis, as well: While the most popular reasons for using cannabis – to relax and to enjoy social experiences – are consistent between genders, women are significantly likelier to seek stress relief, anxiety and pain management, improved sleep, or the suppression of nausea.
  • Understanding gender-specific patterns in attitudes and usage is critical to developing products that appeal to particular preferences and behaviors of individual consumer groups.

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