Why People Use Cannabis?

Cannabit: Why People Use Cannabis? / 04232017

Based on New Frontier Data’s 2017 Cannabis Perceptions Survey, we have found that:

  • Relaxation is the most widely cited reason why people consume cannabis.
  • The next four most common reasons cited are to relieve stress, to enhance the enjoyment of a social experience, to reduce anxiety and to improve sleep quality.
  • Other reasons, each selected by fewer than one in five cannabis consumers includes: stimulating creativity (16%), treating a medical condition (15%); increasing focus and attention (9%); enhancing meditation or religious experiences (7%) and improving exercise or training performance (5%).
  • Women are significantly more likely than men to consume cannabis to relieve stress  (+7%), to reduce anxiety (+13%), to manage pain (+8%) and to improve sleep (+10%).
  • These results show opportunities to create gender-targeted products tailored to the specific ways in which each gender engages with cannabis.
  • Furthermore, the variety of reasons why different user-segments consume cannabis presents a widened product development and branding spectrum, with significant opportunity for producers, marketers, distributors and retailers.
  • For example, products aimed at female cannabis consumers seeking to enhance their social experiences should look, feel, taste, and be brought to market much differently than products aimed at male consumers seeking to improve the quality of their sleep.

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