Pot vs. Peeps

Cannabit: Pot vs. Peeps / 04152017

  • Peeps, the chick-shaped marshmallow candy, are the quintessential Easter treat.
  • An estimated 700 million Peeps are sold annually, with 70% of sales occurring around Easter season, which falls between March 22 or April 25 (April 16 in 2017).
  • At an average cost of $0.26 per Peep, Easter season Peeps sales now annually exceed $127 million dollars .
  • Coincidentally, April is also of holiday significance to the cannabis industry, with the industry’s most significant date on 4/20.
  • In the state adult use markets of Colorado and Washington combined, April sales were nearly $126 million, less than $2 million shy of Peeps nationwide revenues over about the same period.
  • In Washington, nearly 12,000 pounds of cannabis (5.4 million grams) were sold in April 2016, for a 3.3x increase over sales in 2015 (3,500 lbs).
  • With adult use sales now active in Oregon and Alaska, and strong medical cannabis sales in states including California, Michigan, Arizona and Nevada, legal cannabis sales this 4/20 season are on track to well exceed Peeps sales nationwide.

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