Sales Of Marijuana Edibles And Extracts In Washington Have Tripled In 8 Months


Monthly Marijuana & Infused Product Sales in Washington FY 2015 According to data from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, sales of marijuana edibles and extracts in Washington state have nearly tripled over an 8-month period.

Last year sales doubled between November and December of 2014 of solid marijuana edibles from just over 20,000 units to over 40,000 products. In the next 8-month period, that number nearly tripled to 110,000 units sold. Similar results were achieved for marijuana extracts. Liquid marijuana edibles did not achieve the same volume of results, but growth has been steady over the past several months. A total of 20,000 products were sold in January of 2015, and monthly sales have been consistent over that and approaching the 40,000 unit level.

Topical marijuana products represent the small market segment and account for only 2% of all product sales.

Solid edibles were the leading product category between November 2014 and May 2015, before they were eclipsed by extracts in June of 2015. However, both remain the top selling categories with the highest sustained growth trajectory of all product lines.


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