Significant Growth is Expected with Branded Marijuana-Derived CBD Products


  • The CBD Report 2018: Industry Outlook, details how the U.S. CBD industry grew nearly 40% in 2017, reaching $367 million in sales across both hemp-derived and marijuana-derived markets.
  • For the first time in 2017, U.S. hemp-derived CBD products outsold marijuana-derived CBD products.
  • Marijuana-derived CBD branded sales grew from $64M in 2016 to $118M in 2017, a one-year increase of 84%.  They will account for nearly 80% of the market versus flower by 2020.
  • The anticipated rollout of Epidiolex in September will open the pharmaceutical channel; by 2022 the juvenile epilepsy treatment will account for approximately 1/3 of the total CBD market, netting estimated sales of over $625M.


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