Spike In ER Visits Due To Marijuana Edibles Generates Concern In Colorado

Marijuana Edibles

By New Frontier Analysts

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz concluded that since the legalization of cannabis in Colorado, a new trend has developed.

Recently, more and more kids are ending up in emergency rooms after unintentionally or unknowingly consuming marijuana edibles.   Since the legalization and commercialization of cannabis in the Centennial State, the amount of children being hospitalized for marijuana related conditions, including consuming edibles, has nearly doubled.

Before legalization, state legislators voiced their concern for providing childproof containers for cannabis products, like edibles, as to ensure limited child exposure to cannabis.  Similarly, regulators recently passed legislation that banned the sale and production of animal or fruit shaped edibles in Colorado retail dispensaries to further hinder consumption by minors.

The licit Colorado cannabis industry could suffer heavy blow back from the findings of this study, yet it is unlikely given the substantial amount of tax revenue created under the legalization of cannabis and the few number of children effected.  With the passage of prohibiting the sale and production of “fun” shaped edibles, such as animals and fruit, edible producers will have to differentiate their products more creatively to maximize their competitive edge, while producing edibles that will not attract minors.

If this trend continues then Coloradans should expect an increase in regulation in both the adult use and medical cannabis marketplaces.  Additionally, more restrictions will likely be placed on edibles packaging and marketing, to make the products the least appealing and harder to open for children.

As more states are expected to legalize and regulate cannabis under the current laissez-faire federal attitude, states can expect to see a similar a trend and should prepare for it.  Moving forward, states and regulatory bodies should scrutinize this trend tediously to mitigate consumption of cannabis by children as much as possible.

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