Surging Investment Drives Need for Accurate Business Valuations


  • In the legal cannabis industry, there are seven primary market sectors: Cultivation and Retail; Biotech/Pharma; Investment/M&A; Software and Media; Consumption Devices; Infused Products & Extracts; and Real Estate.
  • Surging investment activity among each of those sectors heightens the premium for accurate business valuations.
  • Between 2015 and 2017:
    • Cultivation and Retail – UP 11.5x
    • Biotech/Pharma – UP 1.35x
    • Investment/M&A – UP 3.47x
    • Software and Media – UP 5.36x
    • Consumption Devices – UP 1.02x
    • Infused Products & Extracts – DOWN -4.33x
    • Real Estate – UP 5.57x

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