What types of data points are included within the Retail Suite?

Each of the 4 dynamic dashboards of the Equio® Retail Suite are designed to deliver a wide range of dispensary-level insights and critical retail data points, specifically:

Market MVPs

  • Market share and average pricing for the top 10 brands last week
  • Discounts and market share for the brands with the greatest increase in net sales week-over-week 
  • Market share and average pricing for the top 10 products and related brands 


  • Average pricing within and across product types, including flower pricing per gram
  • Profitability of each product type to learn which products pack the most punch for retailers’ bottom lin
  • Transaction volume over time by product type
  • Select a specifc product type (ex: Edibles) to see which sub-types (ex: Gummies, Chocolate, etc;)  are most popular in terms of market share and quantity purchased within a selected product type (ex: Edibles)


  • Brand benchmarks like average number of retailers and number of product types carried by brand
  • Number of brands available over time and by product offerings
  • Best-selling brands within a selected state and see how the top performing brands have changed over time.
  • Brand-level data on pricing metrics and transaction volume, as well as insights into the customers purchasing a specific brand


  • Archetypes of the dispensary customers driving retail sales
  • Find out which product type has the largest customer base in your state
  • Build your target audience from 160M+ probablisitic THC and CBD consumers within a specific state or market area within a state


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